Judith Alder

Wanderings was a one person exhibition at Quay Arts, Newport, Isle of Wight in 2010.


Wanderings and Micromapping works explore journeys and mapping and ways in which we try to understand our place in the world in every sense.

Questions arise about safety and danger, caution and risk, freedom and control, contentment, and obsession; about forging a path, staking a claim, pushing boundaries, digging in. These issues are considered and played out during journeys made through manmade spaces on a variety of scales, often miniature, exploring the familiar and the strange.

During journeys through imagined landscapes scratches and scars become tracks and trails; cracks become crevasses; stains are transformed into islands or lakes; a heap of dustsheets becomes a mountain range, a puddle is an ocean.Familiar spaces are seen from new and unfamiliar perspectives.





Above: Exhibition view. Below: Work from Wanderings exhibition - Pictures from the Back of Beyond (photograph of constructed landscape), and Wanderings (detail of 67 drawings on paper mounted on MDF)