Judith Alder

CIRCUMNAVIGATION at The Redoubt Fortress, Eastbourne was a Blue Monkey exhibition co-organised and co-curated by Judith Alder and Cat Ingrams.


12 artists from along the South Coast joined the four Blue Monkey artists, Judith Alder, Cat Ingrams, Wycliffe Stutchbury and Alison Haddon to make and show site-specific work at The Redoubt Fortress and Military Museum for Eastbourne Festival 2009.

The project included a weekend of site-specific performance, Navigators, directed by Clare Whistler, and an evening of readings by Mark Hewitt and Rowena Easton.




Installation view_CIRCUMNAVIGATION at Eastbourne Redoubt

Image top: Installation view from CIRCUMNAVIGATION at Eastbourne Redoubt, below - detail from Pigeon Role of Honour by Judith Alder, a series of 32 certificates dedicated to pigeons awarded The Dicken Medal "for bravery".